Catheters Short Term

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Disinfecting cap that maintain a physical barrier to contamination for...

Victoria Short Term

Citra-XS™ Victoria Short Term Catheter Set Seldinger introduction with inserted stylets...

Micro Introducer Set

Citra-XS™ Micro Introducer Set for a more easy introduction of...

Joline® Short Term

De katheters uit de D-line serie van Joline zijn van...


Citra-Gen products are part of international recommended guidelines of today, defined by clinicians. Citra-Gen presents its products worldwide through a global network of dedicated distributors. Therefore, Citra-Gen is able to offer a high level of support to local customers.

Citra-Lock™ is recommended in the European Renal Best Practice Guidelines (ERBP) and the American Society of Diagnostic and Interventional Nephrology (ASDIN).

— Citra-Lock™

Effective range of biocompatible catheters, prepared for state of the art blood flows.

— Citra-XS™ Catheters