WoundClot Surgical

WoundClot Surgical is designed for internal applications in several aspects:

  • It is Bio Absorbable and Bio-Degradable and if needed could be left in the wound to degrade safely.
  • If needed the remaining gel could easily be taken out with out pulling on tissue or vessels buy simply rinsing it with water or saline. the platelets adhered to the inter molecular forces are released and water molecules replace them and to separate the gel from the tissue. it can easily be wiped away from the wound.
  • Applying pressure onto the wound is not needed nor recommended to stop bleeding.
  •  A  S.S.P. method is recommended. (Soak, Soak, Place) by gently placing the gauze over the wound, making sure the * fingers do not touch the actual wound, but slightly around it, make sure the gauze is soaked with blood, then gently place it on the wound. the gel will adhere  to the wound and stop the bleeding as it breaks down.
  • WoundClot is designed to form into any shape. it can be formed prior to application by folding, rolling or any other form, and applied onto the wound. It could also form itself by placing the gauze on the wound, allowing blood to saturate the wound and upon turning into gel, the gel will form itself onto the wound. by rolling the gauze prior to use, it could be effectively placed into cavities and form a strong natural membrane.  tissue lacerations and vessel damage is easily treated by gently placing the one or two layers of gauze onto the wound (using the S.S.P system)
  • It can be easily pre-shaped or sized prior to the application using scissors or any other commonly available cutting device.

Available sizes:
2″x4″ (5cmx10cm)
3.1″x60″ (8cmx152cm)


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